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Multifocal IOLs (MFIOLs)

As the name suggests, multifocal IOLs focus your eye at multiple distances from your eye, in contrast to monofocal IOLs which are in focus at one distance from your eye only.

Typically, MFIOLs will focus your eye and vision in the distance for driving etc, an intermediate distance for computing or, and a nearer distance for reading. There are many different optical designs that achieve this. They all involve some sort of compromise between these distances. This means that vision with MFIOLs at distance, intermediate and near distances may not be quite as crisp as through a dedicated pair of spectacles for that distance. So for very demanding vision at the distances, such as night driving, using a computer for 10 hours, or threading a needle, patients may still occasionally need spectacles.

The optics of MFIOLs usually also create some unwanted visual effects, for example halos around lights at night or other visual phenomena such as “angels wings”. Patients wishing to enjoy reduced spectacle dependence with MFIOLs will need to accept these visual effects in return for reduced need for spectacles.

Vision after Trifocal Implants