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Outcomes for our Patients

The most important factor in patient satisfaction after cataract surgery is whether glasses are needed or not for distance vision. No cataract surgeon can absolutely guarantee that this goal will be met for an individual patient. We are dealing with biology, not engineering, and each patient will have a different biological response to a cataract procedure. Even so, it is important to benchmark how we do.

A recently published international multi-centre study of 32,189 cataract patients found 81.9% were within +/- 0.5 D of the desired postoperative spectacle prescription (usually no spectacles).

We are very pleased to say that at Cataract Surgery SA we have significantly exceeded this, with 92.5% of patients being within +/- 0.5 D.

Therefore we can say that in the accuracy of our outcomes after cataract surgery we benchmark very well in comparison with our national and international colleagues.

This gives our patients confidence they have the best possible chance of achieving their desired outcome in terms of any spectacle prescription required after cataract surgery at Cataract Surgery SA.


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