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Myths of cataract procedures

Common myths about cataract procedures.

Cataract procedures do improve quality of life. Don’t let wrong information about cataract surgery stop you from enjoying a better life.

“You have to wait until the cataract has grown over”.

Incorrect. You should have a cataract procedure when changes in your vision, even in new glasses, make it harder for you to comfortably see for what you want and need to do.

“I’ll have needles around my eyes”.

Incorrect. At Cataract Surgery SA we use special drops only to make you eyes very numb, so you don’t feel pain. Light sedation also makes you relaxed and a little sleepy.

“I will have to stay overnight in hospital”.

Incorrect. At Cataract Surgery SA Cataract procedures are performed in the afternoon (you get to sleep in) and your day surgery stay is only 2 hours for the 15 minute procedure.

“I have to have someone stay with me overnight afterwards”.

Incorrect. Whilst this is good if possible, it is not absolutely necessary.

“I’m too old”.

Incorrect. It doesn’t matter how old you are you deserve to see well. Our oldest patient was 102!