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How will my patient journey be different at Cataract Surgery SA?

Over 20 years of experience means we know how to look after you. We know how important your eyes and vision are to you, and we know you will be anxious at times and we know how to help manage your natural anxiety. We’ll keep you involved, relaxed and comfortable every step of the way. 

We will send you information in writing and through YouTube videos ahead of your consultation so you can be fully prepared and not overwhelmed on the day.

We will fully assess your eyes at your first consultation. 

We will offer you a full range of options for your post-procedure vision. 

We perform all our testing, consultation and procedure bookings in one visit.

We perform procedures at a dedicated day surgery, almost always without needles or injections around your eye and no eye patches which aids in a faster recovery.

We will provide you with a post operative pack which includes your eye drops, sunglasses and a soothing gel mask.