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Cataract Surgery SA

Cataract Surgery SA is here to help provide the best possible journey to better vision. A cataract procedure with Cataract Surgery SA can help you regain lost vision, and help you to see better than you have for decades.

Dr Graham Fraenkel

Cataract Surgeon Dr Graham Fraenkel, is an Adelaide Ophthalmologist with 22 years experience and expertise in eye surgery.

How will my patient journey be different at Cataract Surgery SA?

Over 20 years of experience means we know how to look after you. We know how important your eyes and vision are to you, and we know you will be anxious at times and we know how to help manage your natural anxiety. We’ll keep you involved, relaxed and comfortable every step of the way. 

Outcomes for our Patients

The most important factor in patient satisfaction after cataract surgery is whether glasses are needed or not for distance vision. No cataract surgeon can absolutely guarantee that this goal will be met for an individual patient. We are dealing with biology, not engineering, and each patient will have a different biological response to a cataract procedure. Even so, it is important to benchmark how we do.

ISO Quality Assurance

Dr Graham Fraenkel performs cataract surgery at the Glen Osmond Surgicentre.Dr Fraenkel is very pleased to announce the Glen Osmond Surgicentre, in November 2018, received full reaccreditation against the NSQHS and ISO 9001:2016 standards of Quality Assurance. In particular the Glen Osmond Surgicentre was awarded 4 “Met with Merits” reflecting the Glen Osmond Surgicentre’s outstanding commitment to quality measures to ensure the best possible surgical outcomes and experiences for its patients having cataract surgery at the Glen Osmond Surgicentre. This accreditation was re-certified in November 2019.

Giving Back

Laser Vision SA are proud supporters of Medical Research and organisations aligned with treating and preventing blindness and other vision problems.