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Preparing for Surgery

Questions for your doctor

Considerations when choosing where to have your cataract procedureMany people with cataracts unnecessarily delay a cataract procedure and better vision because of fear of the risks or of the procedure itself. The most common fear is of needles around the eyes. At Cataract Surgery SA we use very strong drops only - no needles - and sedation to make you relaxed and a little sleepy. Whilst all procedures have risks, modern cataract surgery is very safe.

Types of artificial lenses

When your cataract is removed it is replaced with a small clear plastic lens, without which you would need extremely strong glasses to focus. So all patients receive this plastic lens implant known as an intraocular lens or IOL. 

Cataract Surgery Cost

How much does cataract surgery cost? Medicare or private health insurance pays for most and sometimes all of the cost of cataract procedures with out of pocket expenses ranging from $0 - $450. If you don't have private health insurance Cataract Surgery SA also caters for self funded cataract surgery which can be discussed at the time of your consultation.

How do you choose your cataract surgeon and clinic?

There are valuable ways to choose your cataract surgeon and clinic. Cataract surgery restores vision and focus for your most important sense, and largest source of information. Our eyes also convey and create strong emotions. It is worth spending some time considering who you would want to operate on your delicate eyes. I believe it is worth travelling further– nowhere is truly far in Adelaide – for the cataract surgeon you believe is the best for you. Another 20-50 minutes travel may be worthwhile for the vision you will gain from cataract surgery and potentially enjoy every waking minute the rest of your life. It may also be worth considering spending a little more, if you can, rather than insisting on surgery with no out-of-pocket costs, in order to obtain the surgeon you believe is best for you and your eyes.