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What are cataracts?

Cataracts are a clouding of the focusing lens behind the pupil (the dark centre of your eye). It can give you blurred, cloudy, glary or double vision. Cataracts can develop slowly over years or quickly over months.

Your eye works a lot like a camera, using a lens to focus on an image.

The lens inside your eye behind the pupil can become foggy due to age or other reasons. This condition is known as cataract. Cataract blocks or scatters light as it passes through your eye, making it harder for you to see. 

Many people with a cataract think they just need a new pair of glasses and can be quite surprised to be told they have a cataract in their eye. However, cataracts are quite common. 

More than 70% of Australians over 49 years of age will be affected by cataract or need cataract surgery in the nextdecade. *1

When your cataract interferes with your vision such that you cannot perform certain tasks with ease, a cataract procedure may be recommended.

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Cataracts Explained by Dr Graham Fraenkel

Understanding cataract surgery will help you feel more confident about your decision.