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About Lens Types

It is a common misunderstanding that cataracts are “scraped” off. This is incorrect. Cataract is when a focusing lens inside your eye, located behind your pupil, goes from clear to cloudy. 

The only way to remove this cloudiness is to remove the lens. This is the cataract extraction procedure.

Once the cataract is removed, a new lens must be implanted to replace the focus the original natural lens provided to your eye. Without this implanted lens (IOL) you would need “coke bottle” glasses.

The IOL includes the ability to focus your eye such that you may need spectacles a lot less than you did before lens surgery. The disadvantage is the IOL does not change shape to change focus from far to near like your natural lens did when you were young. So an IOL in focus for far away means you would need reading glasses. There are also several different types of IOLs that offer compromises to allow you to use glasses less, if the rest of your eye is healthy.