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What if my focus after cataract surgery is not what I wanted?

At Cataract Surgery SA we take a great deal of care to do our very best to give your eyes the focus you want after cataract surgery, to use glasses the way you want after cataract surgery.

This starts with providing you with a questionnaire when you book a cataract appointment with us. This asks if you want to see far away, close up, or both without glasses as much as possible after cataract surgery.

Most commonly patients wish to see far away without glasses for driving or watching television, and use readers for closer work. Others may choose the opposite ie to perform closer tasks without glasses but use glasses for driving and television. However more and more commonly patients wish to use glasses as little as possible for both far away and closer tasks. This can be achieved in one of two ways, either “monovision” “trifocals”

Whatever is your aim for using glasses after, the success we have in meeting your aim depends on many things, not all of which can be measured or predicted. In addition, everyone is built differently and heals differently. Therefore we cannot guarantee we will “hit the (focus) bullseye” every time.

So what happens if we don’t, and your focus is not what you thought you wanted when you booked your cataract surgery? Options to improve focus include glasses and contact lenses from your optometrist which can still be used after cataract surgery. Procedures include exchange of the implanted intraocular (focussing) lens (IOL) placed in the eye after cataract removal for one of different focus, implantation of a second IOL over the top of the first, or laser vision correction.

Often Laser Vision Correction is a very good option as it avoids going back to operating theatre, sedation, and restricted activities, and also means less post procedure eye drops. Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is also more accurate. However not all cataract surgery practices offer laser vision correction as an option. Therefore choosing a cataract practice that can offer laser vision correction in house has possible advantages.

At Cataract Surgery SA we also perform a great deal of Laser Vision Correction for patients without cataract. Therefore at Cataract Surgery SA we are able to offer Laser Vision Correction to many patients who do not quite achieve the focus desired after cataract surgery. And usually this can be done for no additional charge.