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Value of cataract surgery

“People who see well are far more likely to say they feel well”.

It has been proven (Chi et al, Br J Ophthal 2003;87:392-395) as part of the Blue Mountains Eye Study that improved vision can result in improved physical and mental well-being.

Results of poor vision are an increased risk of falls, depression, suicide, and increased general mortality.

The scientific literature provides support for the idea that cataract surgery will improve quality and length of life, whilst decreasing the risk of falls, fracture, and motor vehicle accidents.

Improvement in well being is not restricted to the patient themselves. Caregivers of patients with poor vision due to cataract have shown increase work attendance, mental health, overall health, happiness and life satisfaction within 3 months of cataract surgery.

Thus cataract surgery provides not only an improvement in vision for the patient, but a significant benefit to other areas of the patient’s life, as well as that of their carers and society as a whole with reductions in associated morbidity and mortality.