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Contemplating cataract surgery if you live alone?

At Cataract Surgery SA we make cataract surgery for those living alone easier.

Many cataract patients live alone. This should not be a barrier to receiving timely cataract surgery, reducing the risk of morbidity and increasing quality of life for those who live alone.

However, some delay cataract surgery when they need it, believing the procedure and after care is just too hard or risky if they live alone.

At Cataract Surgery SA we make cataract surgery for those living alone easier in several ways.

  • We provide all information well in advance of the day of surgery so our patients may discuss this with their family. Our cataract procedures are performed without injections around the eye so that no eye patch is needed, enhancing immediate vision for both eyes to reduce the risk of falls. Further, we can perform the procedure with no or only very late sedation to also reduce the risk of mobility problems after a cataract procedure. Should patients have any concerns at home, they are provided with a 24/7 number they can use to contact Dr Fraenkel,
  • We have specially formulated drops for our patients after cataract procedures, understanding eye drops drops are hard for some patients to use. Ours minimize the number of drops our patients need to instill. We also give our patients a special chart allowing them to keep track of every drop needed as a memory and compliance aid minimizing patient anxiety about their drops.
  • Finally we can arrange later follow up with our patients’ regular referring optometrists to minimize our patients transport need and to maximise their family’s ability to attend any out of office hours follow up if desired.